positive impact at scale

Commercializing years of pioneering work in agroforestry, mobility, and energy to create an emissions free world.


A nature and bioscience based platform platform enabling the production of net negative biomass and biomaterials and rapid sequestration of CO2.


Bringing Standardisation, Accessibility, Liquidity and Transparency (SALT) to the global carbon emission markets using next generation technology.


Proprietary fast charging and advanced battery technologies are ready to be commercialised, making electrification global scale.

Our scientific discoveries and product innovations are capable of propelling carbon capture and emission reduction at a speed necessary to effectively combat the climate crisis.

About Us

Quantum Green Corporation is a purpose-driven company innovating carbon sequestration and emissions reduction solutions. We have developed solutions to bring balance to the global CO2 emissions problem.

Excess emissions

have created an unavoidable challenge

Increased CO2 emissions are threatening the well being of our planet and it’s ability to nurture life. This is the biggest problem humanity is facing today.

Despite government mandates and corporate initiatives, very little has been achieved. Quantum Green has developed a science-based solution to this very challenge.


Carbon Capture

& Storage

Quantum Green has developed a species of tree that captures carbon up to 5x faster than any known tree species and stores that carbon deep underground, creating a carbon sink that improves the value of the land and enriches the soil.


Carbon Mitigation

& Avoidance

From net negative QuantumX55-derived biomaterials to fast charging LEVs, our Company is capable of making a dramatic impact in the production of net zero/net negative products.



Innovating Carbon Sequestration

An innovative biotech platform enabling us to create a proprietary biological species of tree, the QuantumX55. This species is capable of sequestering more carbon and growing faster than any other commercially viable species known today.

Carbon Sequestration

at Scale

We are fast tracking carbon sequestration to produce certified, high-quality carbon credits to meet the growing demand of customers globally. Our proprietary QuantumX55 is a fast growing tree species capable of sequestering up to 5x more than any other commercially viable species. We are deploying and commercializing our carbon capture and farming technology, speeding up the rate of carbon sequestration and accelerating the carbon economy.

High Quality


Our QuantumX55 tree is harvestable in as little as 5 years, and regrows from the stump. Net negative materials produced from its biomass will spark all industries to bring net negative products to mass market. Through the use of these products, industries such as power and energy, transportation and mobility, furniture and building materials can see a dramatic transformation in the quality and environmental impact of their operations.

Fast tracking carbon sequestration to produce certified, high-quality carbon credits to meet the growing demand of customers globally



Operations in Thailand have commenced where we operate laboratories, nurseries and farm locations.



We are now expanding our operations in the USA where we will establish labs, nurseries and farm locations.


QUANTUM Mobility

Electrifying Mobility

The Quantum Mobility business was created to commercialize our mobility innovations which are designed to fast-track the global energy transition needed to create and sustain an emission free world. Our industry-shifting fast charging solution and breakthrough energy storage innovations will ignite the electrification of mobility on a global scale, fueling local economies, transforming nations and life. These transformations will reduce and avoid gigatons of CO2 emissions, while generating tremendous financial value for all stakeholders.

Accelerating the Rate of Electric Vehicle Adoption

Current charging infrastructure is limiting the full potential of electrification. By improving the rate of charging and improving accessibility of charging infrastructure, we will unleash the full potential of e-mobility.

Reinventing the EV Battery System

We are reinventing energy storage systems that will create a paradigm shift in how energy is being stored, utilized and managed. Our net-zero energy storage systems will propel the EV industry into a new age of mobility.


Fast Charging Battery Systems

Our solution enables consumers to fast charge their light electric vehicles from any standard 120v outlet, facilitating the widespread adoption of emission free mobility.


Next Generation Battery Design

Our battery design reduces the reliance on emission intensive raw materials and minimizes the use of many core components used in batteries today.



Digitizing the

Carbon Credit Ecosystem

Carbon Credit Ecosystem empowered by Distributed Ledger Technology | Blockchain to bring more Standardization, Accessibility, Liquidity & Transparency (SALT) to the global carbon emission markets

Carbon Credit Ecosystem

QARBONIX™ is a Digitized Carbon Credit Ecosystem that includes all stakeholders and provides immutable and transparent mechanisms supported by clear creation and retiring protocols.



Our smart contracts engage all stakeholders of the whole carbon credit journey, including, project verifiers, liquidity providers, NGOs, concerned citizens, and governments.






QARBONIX™ allows for transparent distribution and retiring of carbon credits, and includes an AMM for trading digitised carbon emission tokens.


Quantum Green Corporation LLC

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